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Second try

Capacity- 96 litres
Size(length x height x width in centimetres)- 80x30x40
Light- 2x T5 39W
Filtration- internal filter
Heater 150W
Water parameters
pH- ~6.2
hardness- 0
Temperature- 27*C
Ground- black “sand”, peat
Design- 2 driftwoods, beech leaves, coconut shells
Plants- few kinds of Echinodorus, Blyxa japonica, Vallisneria gigantea
Fishes: 2+2 A. elizabethae

First day:

Two males:

More photos at evening.

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Dark, dark and… dark?

Probably I put to much peat to tank. 😉

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I had to kill all A. baenschi and sterilize everything in tank because of unknown disease….

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So green ;-)

I’m not going to put out any plants from this tank till…. hmm, I don’t know. 😉 Not in close future. 😉

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My desk

Photo of my desk and tank

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Update! Update!

3 photos of A. panduro

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